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Army Combat Uniform Builder ( ACU Digital & OCP/Multicam)

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The security uniform and matching security helmet are pieces of armor in Fallout 3. It comes in two versions with different visual appearances but identical stats.

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REGULATIONS. AR 670-1: Wear and Appearance of the Army Uniform and insignia; PAM 670-1: Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia

The Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) is the current battledress uniform of the United States Marine Corps.It is also worn by Navy personnel (mostly corpsmen, chaplains, and their bodyguards) assigned to Marine Corps units (e.g. the …

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The Army Combat Uniform, also known in the Air Force as the Airman Combat Uniform (ACU) and its flame-retardant variant, the Flame-Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FRACU), are the current battle uniforms worn by the United States Army.

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Nov 20, 2014 · The size charts below are for the Army Combat Uniform. The chart shows the sizes for both the Army Combat Uniform Trousers (ACU Trousers or Pants) and also the Army Combat Uniform Jacket (ACU

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The Marine Corps replaced its decades-old battle dress uniform in woodland camouflage after extensive testing and evaluation in early 2000. The Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform entered service in 2002 and featured two new distinctive camouflage patterns that derived from pixilated or “fractal